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What is the purpose of this insurance ?

In primary for your medical costs and also for visa requirements.

All foreign students coming from third countries must enrol in a medical travel insurance that has two main use :

  1. The emergency medical cover while they are in Finland
  2. Obtention of the student visa

Emergency medical cover

This is the main goal of the insurance. Foreign students from third countries living in Finland cannot be insured in the local social security. This is why a private medical insurance is required.

The insurance will cover all acute benefits. This means all the emergency treatment when it is medically necessary.

I have fever and need to go visit a doctor. I need urgent treatment after an accident by a doctor or specialist. Due to sudden sickness I must be admitted in urgency at hospital. Due to injury I must be admitted in the emergency room at hospital

I have skin problems already before arrival and need a treatment. I have problems with my teeth already before arrival and need treatment. I have a chronic desea since years and need treatments for this in Finland

Updated on 17/05/2018

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