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How works 1 month insurance refund in ExpatCompare ?

Swisscare Insurance Services Ltd. (hereinafter Swisscare), Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers, will pay a reward to clients who validly conclude a new expatriate policy through the Expatline comparison services of Swisscare. The reward is applicable only under the following conditions :

  • The insurance application must be submitted only to Swisscare.
  • The insurance policy must be arranged only through Swisscare.
  • The insured mandates Swisscare Services Ltd. as an intermediary to represent his or her interests.
  • The insurance premium must have been paid in full for the entire year, including taxes, fees, and taxes.

If all conditions are fulfilled, Swisscare will pay a reward amount to his client that represent 1/12 of his paid annual premium (excluding transaction charges and service fees). As a reference, Swisscare will use the reported paid amount received by the insurance partner. Excluded from the reward amount are all financial transaction fees, claims fees, reminder fees…).

This reward is paid only once during the first insurance year as a reward. The reward is not applicable to any future years, renewals, other insurance products or services. This special offer is valid until 31.12.2018 for new clients only.

This reward is offered solely by Swisscare. Partners, third parties, insurance partners or others are not implicated legally or in any other way. Other products and services offered or provided by Swisscare are excluded from this reward.

Updated on 30/04/2018

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