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What is an exemption of the Swiss health insurance ?

Exemption of Swiss health insurance


Health insurance in Switzerland is mandatory and everyone must proof that he is correctly insured to the local authorities.

3 solutions are offered in Switzerland for international students, phds, interns, au pairs.

  1. KVG-LAMal which is the Swiss national health insurance scheme (cost round 300 / month)
  2. The European Health insurance Card (if you are European)
  3. Insured with a private insurance plan which is provided by Swisscare

If you choose Swisscare student health insurance Switzerland, you must proceed to an exemption request by the authorities. This procedure is very simple :

  1. Go on www.swisscare.com
  2. Let’s start
  3. Choose studies, academics and apply the insurance
  4. Verify your email and fill out the exemption form.


Updated on 29/04/2018

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